2006 W639 vito ESL or Key problem, solved with VVDI prog

I’d like to quote one locksmith’s Diary below, since he finally solve the problem with Xhorse VVDI Prog. I hope it helps for those who are having the same problem as me.


Here we go!

Hello guys. Next week I will go and try to repair a  2006 W639 vito. Since the car is pretty far away from me ,I need to be a little bit sure of my powers ,I need some opinions from you.

So…first the car was dead, nothing happened when the key was inserted in ignition and the message “Start error”. After that the mechanics from that shop hitted the esl gently with a hammer and then the car spins when the ignition is turned but just only once.
From my point of view I’m facing with a faulty ESL .

I have VVDIPROG and some spare keys. So if there will be a faulty key I can fix it.
But if the esl will be faulty, there is need to be programmed like w204? Does anybody has picture of the removal procedure????


Finally! Solved!

Solved ,the car had a vvdi key which was corrupted.

I read the EIS with Xhorse VVDIprog and programmed a new key.

Everything worked smoothly.


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