(2 steps) VVDI PROG read+ backup Porsche Panamera BCM 5M48H

Here xhorsevvdi.com will show you: how to read and backup Porsche Panamera BCM 5M48H file using VVDI PROG Programmer in just 2 steps!

VVDI PROG BCM 5M48H read and backup procedure

Step1. Open VVDI PROG software click “New” button to create a new blank file as below:


Step2. Choose type “4-IMMOBILIZER”, brand “PORSCHE” and chip “BCM-5M48H-BACKUP” then click “Read” button.


Click “Yes” to continue and wait the process complete to 100%.


vvdi-prog-read-backup-porsche-bcm-5m48h-steps-3 vvdi-prog-read-backup-porsche-bcm-5m48h-steps-4

Now you successfully read and backup Porsche Panamera BCM 5M48H file by VVDI PROG! Only 2 steps!


Where to get VVDI PROG? Any trusted link?

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Hope it helps! Link is here:



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