Xhorse update kit free download on mega
November 20, 2017 Key Cutting Tool

Xhorse update kit is newly available which makes upgrade online more easily.

Xhorse update kit download on mega!a8I1yQBQ!LegAWNhWq2Pm_lh_hNBZs1fv8g-qDMJwSMV08tcWDOU

Xhorse update kit newest software version:V1.1.4

Xhorse Company released

100% safe


  1. Download the mega link and unzip it.
  2. Double click “Upgrade kit.exe”.
  3.  Select the optional interface to update to the newest version, shown as below.

xhorse update


For VVDI2,VVDI Key Tool update,suggests to use its separate update tool at present.Newer version of Upgrader Kit software will keep updating.Thanks.

xhorse update