Xhorse new APP for vvdi mini key tool, vvdi key tool, Dolphin
March 27, 2019 VVDI Key Tool

xhorse company launched new app that can be use to vvdi key tool ,vvdi mini key tool,Xhorse Dolphin , and also you can exchange tokens from this new app ,

That new app will instead of old one what is used to vvdi key tool , right now , it contain 2 language ( English/Chinese) ,xhorse company will add more and more language in future , please change your app in your phone , we will no longer put service on the old one.

Where to download this APP?

Go to Google Play / Apple store and search “Xhorse”.

This is Android APP QR code:


This is New APP home menu.


Here comes Settings area incl. Bluetooth setting, Language and about us.

* Turn on Bluetooth to search the Xhorse Device (vvdi key tool ,vvdi mini key tool, Dolphin); The language is Chinese and English now.

xhorse-3-in-1-app-03-576x1024 xhorse-3-in-1-app-04-576x1024

Here comes Mini Key tool operation menu:

Vehicle remote

Garage remote

Remote clone

Transponder clone

Generate transponder

Special function


Here comes Condor Dolphin operation menu:

Vehicle database

Cut by Bitting

Universal key duplication

All key lost

Find Bitting

Machine Parameter