VVDI MB Tool Replace Mercedes Benz E Class W207 ESL Emulator
October 16, 2018 Benz Key Programmer

Xhorse ELV Emulator for Benz W204 W207 W212,and we have 5pcs 259USD, 10 pcs 489USD free shipping by DHL on promition. We can use VVDI MB BGA Tool to replace W207 ESL Emulator,here is some steps.

1.Read EIS data and Save it.

After read successfully,save data.

Choose OK to continue.

2.Get key password.

Password online calculation.

Choose fast mode,connect with vvdi mb tool power adapter.

Get key password successfully.

Copy the key password.


Choose ESL tools,click read ESL data.

Load EIS data.

Paster key password,tick on “auto clear TP and personalized”,then click write.

Write sucessfully.