VVDI Key Tool Generate and Clone Mitsubishi ID46 Chip Successfully
November 15, 2018 VVDI Key Tool

VVDI Key Tool support ID46 chip clone and generate.Here will display Mitsubishi Spacewagon 2010 car model,id46 transponder chip.

1.Genrate Remote

Choose remote program-remote key.And detailed type.

Use programming cable connect key pcb and key tool.Press GEN.

Burn successfully.

2.Chip Clone.

Choose transponder clone.

Put original key into left coil do detection.

Clone process.

Choose data acquisition mode.

vvdi key tool

Put antenna close to ignition coil, and press sniff.

Turn on ACC switch once with programmed key.

Insert programmed key into coil and press calculate.

Keep the key until calculate succeed.

Take the key out,and insert chip,press write to clone.

Clone finish.