VAG OBD Helper Review and FAQ

VAG OBD Helper is good tool to read VW, Audi, Skoda with 4th IMMO 5TH IMMO,we got some feedback about VAG OBD Helper cable.

1.Volkswagen polo 2015 year dashboard …… 860Q got the ECU failed error.Just like following


Please confirm your car is not adjusted before,and the car model is K-line one,or not UDS protocol. It needs to be UDS protocol one which can be normally recognized.

2.When tried to read via VAG OBD Helper, it got error calculate too many times,online calculation is locked.Try again 3 hour later.


It is the software does not support your type at present.

3.VAG OBD Helper Review

Golf 7 2013 Johnson Controls, get immo data from server OK ! (VVDI2 make key)
vw polo 6R 2013 Johson control, get immo data from server OK ! (VVDI2 make key)

I can confirm the following all keys lost done by obd with vag heper:
2017 skoda citigo
2013 audi a1 nec cluster
2010 skoda octavia
2014 audi A4 with locked BCM2
2016 Tiguan

2013 skoda octavia vag helper did the job to get the CS and pin

I had no fails until now with Vag OBD Helper.
The purpose of tool is to extract the CS an pincode. I receive a txt file every time with CS, pincode and VIN.
Takes 1 – 5 minutes….need good internet connection.
For 100 quid I think vag helper is amazing… least for now.

I will try from now on VAG 2009+ no more removing cluster and only vag helper.
For sure I Will let you know if i have any fail.
I am pretty sure this obd helper cable will calculate immo and pin on any MQB.