KeyTool Program 2015 Nissan Altima With Xhorse Universal Smart Key
September 16, 2019 MINI Key Tool

Xhorse smart key is univeral one,and we have 3 outlook style to sell, universal knife type,crystal type,MQB type. And here we will share 2015 Nissan Altima by Key tool.

Choose Remote/Smart program.

xhorse smart key

Smart key-prox

xhorse smart key

Choose Asia>>Nissan detailed type.

xhorse smart key

Put the key into coil,and press GEN.


Writing data.

xhorse smart key

Burn success.

Here this pic shows no point,as we know each xhorse smart key is with 60 points,when you generate,it will have 60 points.

It shows no points,because this data was already written to key before.

xhorse smart key