How to use VVDI Key Tool Generate Ford Escape 2005 Remote
December 28, 2018 VVDI Key Tool

Ford Escape 2005 Remote Key,use VVDI Key Tool clone 4D(60) chip.Firstly,we will display Transponder clone,then generate remote.VVDI Key Tool NA version is in stock,free with orange chip holder.

vvdi key tool ford

1.Transponder Clone.

Put original key into left coil and read it,Automatic Detection Clone.

it will display staus: clone able.

Press Down arrow to clone.

Put original key in the coil then press Read.

Read OK now can pull key out of coil.

Calculating Process.

Prepare the chip.

Calculting sucess.Put the chip into left coil,then press Write.

Clone success.

2.Generate Remote

Choose Remote/Smart Program menu.

Remote key->America->Ford

Connect VVDI Remote with cable,then press GEN.

Write success.