How to use VVDI key tool generate and program remote Mazda 323 Protege?
November 7, 2018 VVDI Key Tool

Post is on how to generate and program remote Mazda 323 Protege with VVDi key tool.

Frequency : 433MHZ ASK

Transponder chip:8C

Remote /Smart Program -> Remote Key – Asia -Mazda

Search by Key -> 1292 40601 Australia 2BTN.

Connect remote module to VVDI cable.

Press [Gen] to make remote.

Burn success.

Fill battery then install to remote shell.

Program remote by manual.

  1. Open driver door.
  2. Turn On – Lock 3 times.

  1. Close -Open Driver Door for 3 times.

Door cycle 1 time.

  1. Press Unlock button for 2 times.

Door Cycle 1 time.

  1. Close driver door.

Door cycle 2 times.

  1. Test Remotes.