How to add extra Token for VAG OBD Helper?

VAG OBD helper up to the VAG vehicle (VW, Audi, Skoda with 4th IMMO) , you can quickly get immo data within 3-5 minutes by connecting the internet. And each vag obd helper cable is free with one token,if you need exra token, it needs to buy separately.

1. Token for VAG OBD Helper

XhorseVVDI sales VAG OBD helper with 10 tokens one:

Or buy tokens:

2.How to add VAG OBD Helper Token?

Some customer bought the vag obd helper with 10 tokens and confused why only 1 token in software. The extra 10 tokens we add online,please,, Whatsapp:86 -13983756354 to send us serial number. We will add online at fixed time 17:00~18:00 Beijing time everyday in working days, and after add OK, we will inform you.

3.How to check VAG OBD Helper serial number?

Sometimes,we received number QC-********,it is the QC number from our company for the product,not serial number. Serial number you can download vag obd helper software,connect cable with computer, the software will display the serial number, format SN101*****.

3.1 Free Download VAG OBD Helper software!5eJkDA5L!_SCyBL5Mov7q_Fx-WiMI4uLA7zyneJvemu1Wu3HELKw

3.2 VAG OBD Helper serial number example

The left corner shows 1 free token,after add OK, it will display the right number.