Free Download VAG OBD Helper Software and Install Guide

VAG OBD Helper is good tool to work with Xhorse VVDI2. And VAG OBD Helper cable is without CD, please download software online from us. And the software is easy to use,we will display some simple steps.

1.Free Download VAG OBD Helper Software:!gZJzTKTC!BTVJqa-SmWgrwbd-n0vV8r2glx23d3l2OpN3ZRu1gXU

2.VAG OBD Helper Software Install

Download the software from previous link. Extract the .zip file.

Install the driver, then use USB cablle to connect the device with computer.

After install well,run VAGOBD.exe application.



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Free with one token

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Provide us serial number is OK,we will add online soon.


There are some pdf files in Chinese on how to use VAG OBD helper to read out the 4th IMMO
data and then use the key programmer to program key.


For VVDI2 MQB with VAG OBD Helper English guide,you can check from this file